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Hey 👋 there! While using NamePromo is free, running and managing the infrastructure and content for the site takes time for us and our volunteers of users who help keep things going.

Our mission is to help people find products that are hard to find and generally in limited stock and to help against automated checkout bots by being fast to alert our users and ensuring a fair and equal opportunity for our users by providing many notification 🔔 methods and a single shared queue instead of prioritizing or monetizing access.

Donations go towards running the site and fueling the development with coffee ☕️ to build new features and are very appreciated. 😎 If you are a registered user of the site, let us know your account name or email so we can thank you and add you to our hall of fame. 😍

Other ways to help

There's no better power each of us has than our own word of mouth. Sharing the site on social media and with your friends helps the community grow.

If you've been able to find some product that you feel you wouldn't have been able to get without the service, sharing your story with the community would help show the internet the power of the site.

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