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Here we showcase the products our community of users have been able to get by using the site. Have a story of your own you want to share? Add yours!

David Success Photo
Thanks to NamePromo for keeping my family and elderly relatives stocked with Clorox Wipes during the COVID-19 pandemic! NamePromo is the *ONLY* way I've been able to find these and I can't stop tellin...
Ruonan Success Photo
Thanks NamePromo for me to get Lysol to protect family!!
Kenny Success Photo
Thank you !!! I got a Nintendo Switch!
Debi Shaw Success Photo
I cannot thank you enough!! we have been searching and searching to find this freezer. you made it so easy!! Thank you, you are a blessing!
Gamer Success Photo
It’s so nice to have NamePromo. It makes me three months waiting ending!!!
Road walker Success Photo
Very appreciate this service!!!!
Hi_p2k Success Photo
Thanks to this amazing site I've been able to track one of the HOTTEST items since beanie babies!! Thank you to the community an the folks whom built it! Also for helping tracking other things too.
vicxkat Success Photo
Thanks to Namepromo I was able to figures out the best way to get a switch. I was able to meet some awesome people who helped me get a switch in store for $299 rather thank paying those unreasonable p...
Ruonan Success Photo
Thanks for NamePromo, I got one nintendo switch with MSRP price!!!
Ruonan Success Photo
Thanks for NamePromo, I got a freezer and prepared well for meat shortage during this hard time.