Help with NamePromo

What is NamePromo?

NamePromo is a product availability tracking system. NamePromo helps user monitor the stock info. Once the product is back in stock, it will send notifications to users. All products restock links come from big vendors like Amazon, Walmart, BestBuy and so on. NamePromo doesn't sell any products to users directly.

Is there a NamePromo app?

We have both an iPhone and Android app that you can download it by searching NamePromo in either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

How do I find products?

You can use Search function in the right-up. or Click the Categories to browser all categories.

How do I contact NamePromo?

The easiest way to communicate with us is to join our discord. You can click Community and click Discord Chat. The NamePromo Admin and assistant are there. Or Email us at : team [at] or Click Contact us in the bottom of web page

How do I get alerts when product is back in stock?
  • Sign Up : you can either use email or text message to receive notification. Email is required and you need to confirm email(there will be a welcome letter sent out). If you prefer text message, please activate the service.

  • Find product: you can use Search function in the right-up side or click Categories to see all categories

  • Notify Me: after you find the exact product you wanna follow, you will see Notify Me button. Click it and you will be well set for the product. If you have preferred stores, then you can click Manage Alerts to just follow specific stores. Usually you don't need it since the product is so hard to get, you want to follow as many as stores you want. Strongly suggest you just click Notify Me. You are good now.

How do I see all the products I followed?

Click you profit picture in the right-up side. Then click My Alerts to see all.

What is the NamePromo Discord server?

NamePromo discord is a open enroll discord channel. The admin and assistant help answer questions. It has lots of features:

  1. Fastest Alerts: Use Discord notification is the fastest way. The promobot will send you notification once the products are back in stock. Detailed instruction will be sent to you once you join. It's under #welcome channel about how to get notification from discord.

  2. You can send request links : if you want NamePromo to track something for you, you can either click Products->New Request or just send link in discord #request-links channel. Once assistant finishes adding your requested links, she will @ you in discord and send the link she puts. You will get first notified and also know the new product location.

  3. Discord Community has lots of cool people. They have lots of tips about how to get high-demand products. Sometimes you need to keep refreshing your browser or keep spamming Check Out button. They will help you.

  4. Suggestions: your voice will be heard here. If you have any suggestion, you can just write in #suggestions channel

  5. Deals: Sometimes our assistant is idle and she will send lots of good deals out!!! You will get deal alerts at the first time.

    If you can't wait to join, just click the Community->Discord Chat

Any tips for getting products?


I suggest you keep our website open on your computer if some products are very HOT and HARD, once it's back in stock, you will hear sound coming from the computer. That is the fastest one. Following tips are also important.

  1. Be as quick as possible once you get alerts.

    Products can be sold out within 1 minute because of high demand.

  2. And you will get better chance if you have logged in Amazon or Walmart or other big vendors' sites and have pre-filled addresses and payment method in their system, your checking out speed will be faster.

  3. Sometimes, you PC or your phone app have caches, you can refresh the page to see if it's really sold out. Sometimes, after refreshing page, you can see add to cart button.

  4. Last but not least! Personal Computer has bigger and better chances to get one. Sometime app can mess up. and PC will give you better view.

Why I can't receive text alerts?

You need to set up the correct phone carrier and you will receive a text message to ask you to activate your phone once you set up correctly. If you didn't set up correctly, it will use your email. Text message is not faster than email and discord alerts. Discord is fastest for now.

How do I unfollow products?

After you stock up, you may not need alerts any more and just open up your Manage Alerts under each categories, and click unfollow products. Then you will not receive any alerts for that product.